Momo Yunik was created in 2018 by María Castillo, the name is inspired in a book that María loves since she was a little kid, the novel tells the story of a little girl that is so good at listening that it almost qualifies as a magical gift and with that magic she is capable to help people to solve their problems. And Yunik comes from unicity and originality. By creating the brand María worked designing unique pieces that satisfy the needs of her clients. The way Momo Yunik works is by listening to the specific needs that the clients required based on their personality to create unique designs that represent them in the best way possible. Momo Yunik is offering sports clothing under the name “MomoUltiwear” made on demand for teams that want to have an original and joyful image. Recently Momo Yunik created another branch of the brand called U-R Yunik that brings to life inspiring T-shirts for men and women.
To create a more creative, sensitive and supportive world, which responsibility will be to support the art, the innovation and to develop the design, providing high quality, professional and complete creative services. Generate satisfaction and happiness providing quality and unique personalized T-shirts at affordable prices for young and adult people that likes practicing club and individual sports.
MOMOYUNIK collaborates with VR clothing manufacturer as principal PRINTING supplier.
MaríA CASTILLO is a Graphic Designer specialized in pattern and surface design (print and textiles) she has a very international source of inspiration, Born in Florence, Italy, raised in Mexico. She studied English in Ireland and did her master in Spain, she lived all around Europe. She also practices Ultimate Frisbee for more than 13 years, with a background of being a national player and participated in many international tournaments around the world. At the moment she lives and works in Brussels, Belgium.
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